6th Graders Tackle Computer Programming

TMS' 6th Graders Tackle Computer Programming Challenges with Success
Posted on 12/04/2020
TMS 6th Graders Tackle Computer Programming Challenges with Success
Computer science, a necessary skill set in today’s digital age, is an important component of K-12 curriculum in the Douglas County School System. Turner Middle School (TMS) is doing its part to provide computer science (CS) for all students. CS teacher Amber Jones usually teaches web and app design to 7th graders, but this year, her 6th graders became the youngest students at TMS to write webpages using HTML.

Foundations of Interactive Design is a two-part class that consists of learning HTML, and for the more advanced students, learning style sheets. The second part of the class is app design using JavaScript. “I was more than proud of how the 6th graders did,” said Ms. Jones.

Ms. Jones explains that coding and web design are often thought of as individual pursuits, but she makes sure her students collaborate, even if it is digitally. “The students had to work together and be active and share their screens,” said Ms. Jones. “When coding, you have to write long instructions for the computer. One typo or one missed punctuation mark can mess up an entire webpage. By working together, they helped each other spot and correct coding problems.”

Students Tiffany Campbell and Ahmad Outlaw both chose to attend after school tutoring just to learn more. Tiffany made a webpage about her favorite video game. “I liked learning the marquee tag,” said Tiffany. “I liked making the words move and seeing them go on and on.” Ms. Jones says her webpage has great organization, movement, and includes responsible crediting of images.

Ahmad Outlaw used his webpage project to build a business page to support his mother's baking business. “I learned a lot of stuff, like different types of tags,” said Ahmad. “I enjoyed Ms. Jones’s web design class because I had the freedom to use my imagination to help launch my mom’s business. I believe in my mom, and I felt happy to be able to help.” Ahmad added original pictures to his website that he took of his mother’s cakes and learned HTML beyond many of his classmates to make the page appealing.
“My 6th graders started the year new to middle school, new to digital learning from home, and new to coding,” said Ms. Jones, “but they rose to all the challenges presented to them. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Tiffany and Ahmad are pictured above working on their webpages. Pictured below are some of the great-looking desserts on the webpage Ahmad designed for his mother's baking business.

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