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Boys and girls info sheet.
Tentative tryouts date: 01/22/2024 The first game is 2/12/2024
Here is what you need to know.

1-You must not have more than 1 F on your semester average. This means no more than 1 failing grade
on the average of your first and second nine-week report cards.
When you receive your report card on 1/3, look at your semester average. There shouldn’t be more than
1 grade with less than a 70. To be proactive, make sure that by December 15, your grades are in good
standing before leaving for the holiday break. Check your grade in Infinite Campus and speak to your
teachers about make up work.
2-You must have a physical which is less than a year old and that covers the entire soccer season before
you can try out. Get a blank copy of the physical form from the coaches and schedule an appointment
with your doctor right away. You might be able to obtain it for free if you use your personal physician.
If you wait till January, you will have to pay for it at any clinic.
3-DO NOT buy any soccer equipment until you have made the team. Any sports gear will do.

Keep this in mind before you consider trying out.

1-You try out for the team, not for a particular position on the field. Coaches reserve the right to put you
where they see fit.
2-Every player will play some games but not all games. Skills, size, fitness…, and the opponent of the
day matter in considering which players to put on the field. That is just how soccer works.
3- Tryouts are in January, in the heart of winter. Dress appropriately because it will be cold and wet at
4-If you make the team, you will pay $125 for the jerseys, shorts, and socks. $150 if you choose to pay
for a bag. The funds are due immediately after the list of those who made the team is posted. Start
preparing for this right now.
5- We are under no obligation to tell you why you made or did not make the team. Thank you for trying
6- Soccer is not a correction camp. Soccer reveals character, it does not build character. Avoid citations,
and In School Suspensions. Be coachable!!
If any of the above considerations makes you feel ill at ease, don’t try out.
If you have any question or concerns please contact:
[email protected]. 770 651 5570
[email protected]. 770 651 5513
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