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WELCOME to my TMS teacher webpage.  I look forward to being an inspirational teacher to you and your child.  

Checkout this "Turner Together Video" by Mr. Ferguson's chorus group.

Parent Teacher Meeting Video (from Feb 23, approx 30 minutes)

Teacher of the Year
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- School Phone: 
770-651-5572 - Email me for my personal cell, especially if you reply to text messages.
- Click here to meet the 7th grade teacher team.
- Visit our TMS Counselors page for more resources.

You can access the weekly 7th grade social studies HOMEWORK by clicking the link.  If your child says there is no homework, please refer to this link.  

If you have not already, please join my 
REMIND group.  Email me for the class code.  Please join in August.  

Frequently Used Websites (requires a login)
- Infinite Campus, DCSS Portal, Illuminate Ed

-Check out our 7th grade teachers!

Keep up the good work!Highest Grades -Final Yearly Average 2021
 - 3rd Period - Kaylyn O, Mario R, Jeremiah R, Breyonna P, Loriah C, Emely C
- 4th Period (Adv) - Chandler H, Sarahleen B, Jae A, Jahnaya M, Ashley M,  Valarie H
-4th Period (Gifted) - Thomas C, Meylyn L, Soleil B, Grecia AR, Leslie B, Nicholas RP, Saleana P, Peyton S
-5th Period  - Iyana D, Na'Aja P, Raul C
- 6th Period - Jiselle M, Heidy J, Nelson E, Jaylen M

View the 1st Sept progress report awards and honors video that was presented by all 7th grade teachers.

Happy Birthday

Arturo A (8), Eric H (10), Joshua C (11), Jeremiah W (20), Emmanuel M (22), Enma E (24), Ashley M (25), Peyton S (25), Rose H (26), Anthony C (27), Alejandro G (30), Soleil B (31), Kaleb B (31)

Jeremiah M (4), Mason P (12), Lea M (13), Jesse O (18), Zaria W (23), Sawyer C (28)

Expect a progress report or report card (2021-22) on these dates below.  You and your child can always login to Infinite Campus and Google Classroom to check current grades.  Teachers generally begin finalizing grades a week prior to these dates.  Check progress consistently.

- 1st semester: Sept 8, Oct 14, Nov 17, Jan 5 (grades are final Dec ___)
- 2nd semester: Feb 9, Mar 16, Apr 20, June 4 (grades are final May __)

assignments and resources
If your child has his/her own cell phone, please encourage to download the Google Classroom App, Google Hangout App, and FlipGrid App.  


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