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Mr. Terence Francis


6th Grade Social Studies

I am originally from New Orleans, LA (GEAUX SAINTS!!). I attended Mercer University to earn my degree in Middle School Education. I live with my wife, DiJuana,  who is also in education, and my two children, Tatiana and Jordan. My favorite things to do outside of school are bowling, traveling, watching sports (GEAUX SAINTS!!), and hanging out with friends and family.

To get on my Remind list: Text @francisso to 81010


Day #1 through Day #5

Complete the Columbian Exchange DBQ. Write the questions and the answers in complete sentences. Complete the task on the last page by yourself. The activity is downloaded below.

Columbian Exchange DBQ.pdf

Day #6 through #10    https://tinyurl.com/y89b3ywb  (Georgia Virtual Learning)

-Your Financial Future (Complete all Modules) (Take notes, watch videos, answer ALL questions, complete activities)

Your Financial Future Module Overview

Economics and Your Financial Future

Economic Systems

Factors that Influence Economic Growth

Your Personal Finance

Next complete this project:

Living Expenses Project

Part 1: For this project, you will list three job or career choices. You will then locate the salaries of each job. For each career choice you will list the amount of income his/she could possibly earn. You will then list steps to accomplish the goal of procuring that particular job.

Use the Occupational Handbook. http://www.bls.gov/ooh/

Part 2: You will use Google images or clip art to advertise your jobs, the qualifications needed to obtain the jobs, and the job earnings. You will create a presentation or advertisements that illustrates your research.

Day #11 through Day #14

1. Log into Discovery Education (Create your Username & Password) (Find it on your DCSS student Portal)

-Type in Search Bar “Financial Literacy”. Click on Financial Literacy Channel.

-Read the 6-8 Kickstart Lesson Starters plan. Complete the 3 activities and watch the Videos.

2. Watch the Financial Literacy Video (on the bottom). Create 10 questions (and answers) from the video that you can share with someone.

                        DIGITAL LEARNING PHASE II

April 13th- 17th

1. Complete Gallopade modules Checkpoint 11a, 11b, and Checkpoint 20


In case you have forgotten how to log in: www.GallopadeCurriculum.com

User IDs: initial (first name) initial (last name) lunch number@ turner

Example: jh123456@turner

Passwords: Birthday without zeros in months

Example: 61706

2. Complete the Comprehension Check using the attached power point.

Cuban Revolution-Francis.pdf

Cuban Revolution Comprehension Check.pdf

3.  Complete assessment over Latin America History & Culture. I will download the assessment under these instructions (you can write the questions and the answers).

Latin American Assessment.pdf

April 20th -24th

1. Create an Power point or a Pamphlet that represents the culture of (1) one the following countries:

a. Brazil

b. Chile

c. Colombia

d. Cuba

e. Mexico

f. Panama


2. Next, research the food, music, dance, government & religions. Dedicate at least one slide per topic. These websites should (may) help with this: a. http://www.foodbycountry.com/ b. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/rankorderguide.html (type the country in the search bar on the right hand side) c. https://qcc.libguides.com/c.php?g=818979&p=6267812 (scroll down & look on the right hand side)


3. After that, create a Travel Guide for your country. This website should help with this a. https://travelforkids.com/

i. Where to go/do?

ii. Where to stay?

iii. What to eat (restaurants)?

iv. Estimated amount of money that will need to have to enjoy your planned trip.


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