Digital Learning Plan 2020 6th Grade Social Science

Welcome to our Digital Learning Page. 
Content on this page is meant to replace a physical day in class. All assignments must be completed and submitted by the time frames given by your teacher. 


CLASS: Social Studies       Teacher:Hendricks             Grade:    6th  

Students, create a schedule and complete the assignments each day we are out of school.  Return to it for updates. If you have questions, please email me at or on Remind.

Week of:  3/13/2020 to 3/20/2020


Assignment Description

1 - 3/16/2020

In a 3 paragraph essay explain why you think Europe helped to make the Americas better or worse. Use your notes about the Columbian exchange to help you reinforce your point.  (Resource location: Google Classroom) If no computer access, complete in interactive notebook.

2 - 3/17/2020

Georgia Virtual Online Learning for Latin American Economics (Read/Explore, then click on challenge and complete the assignment. 

3 - 3/18/2020

Complete online learning Module #10 “Economics in Latin America”   (Complete entire module and exercises online)

4 - 3/19/2020

Complete Columbian Exchange Reading Worksheet #1 True and False Exercises  (worksheet) Read and complete exercises. Be sure to write your name on the worksheet and place it in your binder for safekeeping until we return.

5 - 3/20/2020

(Printed worksheet you got on 3/13)Columbian Exchange Worksheet- Complete the T-Chart that lists the PRO’s and CON’s of Europe’s visit to the Americas. Then, on the back of the sheet, create two  paragraphs answering the following question: What did the Europeans contribute to the Americas and what did they affect? 

Week of:  3/23/2020 to 3/27/2020


Assignment Description

1 - 3/23/2020

Complete Colombian Exchange Reading Worksheet #2 “Diseases”  (Worksheet)

2 - 3/24/2020

Complete Conquistadors Brain Pop Assignments (Log in to then Click Brain Pop)

3 - 3/25/2020

Journal Entry #1: What effect do you think diseases had on the Americas after Columbus. How was it possible for the diseases to be spread? Complete this in your interactive notebook and label the assignment “Spreading Disease”. If you have no computer/internet access complete in your interactive notebook. If you have access, submit on Google Classroom and attach as a Google Document.

4 - 3/26/2020

Complete Christopher Columbus Brain Pop Assignment ( Log in to then click brain pop)

5 - 3/27/2020

Complete Georgia Virtual online learning Module #11a “How Europe Reshaped Latin America”   (Complete entire module and exercises online)

Week of:  3/30/2020 to 4/3/2020


Assignment Description

1 - 3/30/2020

Complete all of Georgia Virtual Online Learning  for Latin America’s Modules (History, Cultural Legacy and Exploration and Colonization) at

2 & 3 - 3/31/2020 & 4/1/2020

Complete all of Georgia Virtual Online Learning for  Canada’s Modules (Governmental Structure, Provinces and Territories) at

4 & 5- 4/2/2020 & 4/3/2020

Complete all of Georgia Virtual Online Learning for  Canada’s Modules (Economic Concerns) at

How to Access the Portal at Home

  • Open your internet browser window and type

    • Use your school log in to access all required programs.

    • Log on to Google Classroom for Assignment directions and necessary directions

How to Access Gallopade Online Curriculum

Open your internet browser and type

    • Your Username is your initials and your student ID# and @turner

    • Your Password is your birthday (for single digit months, leave off the zero.

      • EX: JD123456@turner

      • Password: 30106 (for March 1, 2006)

    • See the image below if needed. 

    • Follow the directions unless I gave you another log in criteria.

How to Access BrainPop Online

  • Click on the BrainPop icon in the portal. 

    • Your username should be prefilled once you access BrainPop from the portal at

      • Click on your assignment tab or dashboard you should see the assigned Modules (Conquistadors and Christopher Columbus)

      • Complete all of the required parts of the assignment to include quiz, graphic organizers, worksheet and game)

How to Access the Online Modules at Georgia Virtual Learning

  • Open an internet browser window and visit website:

    • Scroll down to the required section/assignment listed and complete the modules

      • Be sure to read all information and to click on challenge and complete the quiz or activity.

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